Live out your stunt driver dreams in 'Final Fantasy XV'

Just gotta stick the landing.

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Mat Smith
June 26th, 2017
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Final Fantasy XV, YouTube
Final Fantasy XV, YouTube

Final Fantasy XV's latest update isn't that Prompto spin-off episode you've been waiting for, but it does give you a new ride: the Type-D off-roader. (We'll accept the substitution.) Yes, you can finally leave the confines of Eos' roads and highways and tear up the countryside, gifted not only with monster truck tires but also a "jump" button for avoiding anything in your way and... just leaping off really tall things.

You'll have to hit up mechanic Cindy to upgrade your ride, and while it's not a flying car this time, you do get monster truck tires and some pretty insane suspension alongside that new jump button. It's time to do some stunts -- and try not to trap everyone inside the car. Judging by what we're seeing on Twitter, that might be harder than it sounds.

If you're itching to off road ASAP, we'd temper that enthusiasm a little: you'll need to pick up the meaty 8.65GB patch first. The size of the update is probably because it also houses that Episode Prompto DLC -- set to go live later this week.

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