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The Morning After: Friday, June 30th 2017

The Boring Company dug up a new episode of 'Sense8'

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'Futurama' S03E09 Future Stock - Fox
'Futurama' S03E09 Future Stock - Fox

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

On June's final day, we're checking in with Elon's tunnel project and celebrating the return of 'Sense8.'

Start digging.Elon Musk's first tunnel runs straight to SpaceX

After a bit of teasing, SpaceX and Tesla-head Elon Musk showed off more of The Boring Company's work. It's digging a tunnel apparently connecting a SpaceX building in LA to the parking lot across the street, complete with an elevator for cars.

The SNES Classic could be Nintendo's last retro machine.The case against an N64 Classic

A spotty game catalog and odd controller make it unlikely we'll see a Nintendo 64 follow-up. Even though the NES Classic flew off store shelves, and the SNES Classic looks like a hit in the making, David Lumb thinks it's the end of the line for Nintendo nostalgia. Making things worse, licensing hits like Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark could be difficult.

Lock it down.Microsoft is building ransomware protection into Windows 10

Ransomware is a rapidly spreading scourge, but Microsoft may have a new tool to fight the criminals. Its latest Windows 10 Preview build is testing a feature called Controlled Folder Access. It restricts folders so unauthorized apps (or sneaky malware) can't edit, overwrite or encrypt the data. Testers, give it a trial run now before it comes to everyone in an update this fall.

Congratulations, fans.'Sense8' is coming back for one more episode

When Netflix cancelled its sci-fi series Sense8, fans worried they'd never get a resolution to season two's cliffhanger ending. Now, Lana Wachowski has announced that -- in response to fan demands -- there's a two-hour holiday special on the way.

Really, you should just watch 'Baby Driver.'What we've been watching in June

In the latest installment of our new IRL series, Engadget editors chime in with opinions on their recent TV and movie viewing. Attack on Titan, GLOW and even Jurassic Park made the cut this month -- take a look and see if they were worth the watch.

The joy of being a beta testerI don't regret being an iPhone early adopter

Sure, the iPhone lacked things like GPS and 3G when it launched in 2007, but Nathan Ingraham explains what it was like to pick up Apple's mobile device at launch. Even a six-month lead time between reveal and launch couldn't kill its considerable hype, and its touchscreen, YouTube app and unique UI were the payoff.

It's very familiar.macOS High Sierra preview: It's what you can't see that counts

As you may have guessed from the name, the next version of macOS is more focused on fixes than high-profile improvements. Still, everything Apple is adding under the hood will go a long way toward preparing the OS for bigger changes down the line.

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