Spotify is testing a 'driving mode' for fewer distractions

Some Android users have access to the unreleased feature.

Now that we've all got streaming, on-demand music in the car with our phones, it's hard not to want to fiddle with our playlists while driving. Obviously, messing with your device on the road is as bad as texting, though. As reported on The Verge, Spotify seems to be testing a new driving mode feature that will encourage you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel while streaming your favorite tracks in the car.

The feature feels similar to Apple's new "Do Not Disturb While Driving" in the upcoming release of iOS 11, only tailored to Spotify. As seen in images provided by Reddit user Chris54721, the new driving mode seems to provide larger buttons, verbal song announcements and as-yet-inactive voice control. The screenshots also reveal a car icon that initiates the mode and a Google Docs feedback form that likely is for internal use only.

It makes sense that Spotify would be testing a way to make it safer to drive while using its app, even if this specific set of features isn't released as an official mode. When reached for comment, a Spotify spokesperson said, "We test new products all the time and have no news to share."