Amazon may take on Blue Apron's prepared meal-kit service

Chef Jeff is going to take you to Flavor Town.

Amazon's grocery aspirations go beyond offering a drive-through store, AmazonFresh, Pantry and its recent Whole Foods acquisition. Bezos' shopping juggernaut is looking to get into the boxed meal service a la Blue Apron, according to British publication The Times. Apparently, Amazon has registered a slogan for "We do the prep. You be the chef," and the service will offer "prepared food kits" that are "ready for assembly as a meal" according to the application.

If anything, it underscores the ways Amazon is trying to branch out from just selling general merchandise. Blue Apron hasn't had the best run of business lately, but given that this would just be one aspect of Bezos' offerings versus the entire company's focus, Amazon can make it work.