Google job listings app Hire now available in the US

It can make the hiring process easier for small businesses.

Google might be able to help a lot of Americans find their next jobs. Mountain View has officially launched its job listings app and LinkedIn competitor Hire, a few months after its website was first spotted. The company designed Hire to integrate seamlessly with G Suite apps in order to make the hiring process easier for small to mid-sized businesses. It's not exactly something you'll use as an applicant, but it has features that can prevent recruiters from dropping off the face of the Earth because they lost your emails or info.

Emails sent and received through either Gmail or Hire will sync automatically in both, while any interview recruiters schedule will instantly be added to Calendar, along with the questions they need to focus on and the interviewee's contact info. Hire can also help them track where a candidate is in the process.

Google conducted hundreds of tests and worked with early adopters for over a year to design a UI that's both simple and intuitive. Jessica Adams, the vice president of Human Resources at Brad's Deals, which uses the service, says:

"Hire's intuitive and simple UI makes it easy for recruiters, hiring managers or even interviewers to take an active part in the recruiting process. The app's integration with G Suite enables us to quickly access all candidate communications in one place, efficiently schedule interviews and collaborate to reach a hiring decision quickly."

The bad news is that it's only available to G Suite customers in the US for now, so small business owners elsewhere can't take advantage of what it can do.