LastPass Families can manage passwords for a household of six

Keep logins in the family.

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It's hard enough keeping track of your own passwords, let alone your family's. Unless you plan on outfitting your brood with biometric rings, your best bet is to sign up to a password managing tool. That way you can keep track of the logins your clan is racking up, and even reference them to create unique passwords in the future. Most popular services, such as 1Password, already offer family plans. And soon that small list will include LastPass too.

The password authenticator is launching LastPass Families later this summer. The plan will cover up to six members of a household. Once signed up, you'll be able to organize info into an unlimited amount of folders. You can then open them up to other members. This allows you to keep certain data between you and your partner (like payment info for utility bills) while sharing passwords for streaming services with the kids. And, seeing as LastPass is free across devices, you'll be able to manage your settings from anywhere.

There's no mention of pricing yet. Although, LastPass will have to beat 1Password's $5 a month family subscription to remain competitive. If you're already forking out $12 annually for LastPass Premium, you'll be given six months free access to LastPass Families when it lands. In the meantime, anyone can sign up for early access to the plan, considering you have a LastPass account.

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