Latest 'Star Trek: Discovery' trailer shows more of the crew

It also gives a peek at a certain muddy character.

No, CBS' much-delayed Star Trek: Discovery still isn't out yet, but you're at least getting a better look at how the streaming-focused series will play out. The broadcaster has released a hefty second trailer for the show that gives a better look at the USS Discovery's crew and the Klingons. It revolves around first officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green, above), and for good reason -- a San Diego Comic Con panel revealed that she's Spock's adoptive sister. She's clearly struggling with the contrast between Vulcan logic and the chaos she sees throughout the galaxy.

The clip also provides a better look at Jason Isaacs' Captain Lorca, who's far from a squeaky-clean role model. You catch more of Michelle Yeoh, and everyone's 'favorite' conman, Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson) gets his due. The Klingons, meanwhile, appear to be itching for a fight and have some suffering of their own. Still, there are plenty of questions left. Just what has Burnham done to get humanity into trouble? What's Lorca really up to? And of course, how is Mudd going to throw a monkey wrench into things? You'll have to wait until September 24th to start getting answers, but the trailer might help tide you over until then.