Chrome plays nicely with your MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

It only took several months.

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Chris Velazco/Engadget
Chris Velazco/Engadget

If you have one of the more recent MacBook Pro laptops with a Touch Bar, Google Chrome has long played second fiddle. Despite early hints of support, you've had to spend months surfing the old-fashioned way where Safari had the fancy (if sometimes gimmicky) context-specific commands. At last, Chrome is receiving equal treatment. Google has released Chrome 60, which officially introduces Touch Bar support. It's a familiar experience with navigation buttons and a hybrid address/search bar, but that's all you need if you just want to open a new tab without touching the trackpad or a keyboard shortcut.

Not that the update is solely geared toward the Apple crowd. Fire up Android and you can add an extra-quick web search widget and pick recently copied links from the Omnibox drop-down. Under the hood, you'll find frameworks for auto-filling store checkout forms and managing passwords. Exciting, right? Even if you're not a Mac or Android user, though, you'll want to upgrade to get the usual round of security updates and bug fixes.

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