TSA requires separate screening of devices larger than a phone

Domestic air travel is about to get even more frustrating.

We've been hearing for months that the TSA might increase domestic airport security measures this summer (they've already done so for international flights coming into the US), and now those procedures are here. The TSA is requiring "travelers to place all electronics larger than a cell phone in bins for X-ray screening in standard lanes." This program has been tested at 10 domestic airports and is now being implemented across the country.

TSA Acting Administrator Huban A. Gowda specifically mentions laptops, tablets, e-readers and handheld game consoles as being subject to extra scrutiny. It's important to note that they don't specify size here; as phones get larger and tablets get smaller (not to mention laptops), it's unclear what devices the TSA considers "larger than a cell phone."

While this doesn't take effect immediately (the TSA notes that the program will be rolled out in coming weeks and months at domestic airports), you should plan on all electronics larger than a cell phone that are in your carry on bags being screened separately the next time you fly. It's important to note, though, that TSA Precheck passengers will be exempt from these extra security measures. If getting through airport security with minimal hassle is your top priority, then now's the time to shell out for this extra service.