Samsung's PhoneCast app streams videos to your Gear VR

It'll allow you to stream videos from Plex, Vudu, YouTube to Samsung's VR headset.

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Samsung's Gear VR has a sweet 200-inch virtual screen you can use to watch videos. Unfortunately, what you can watch is limited by the fact that it's not compatible with third-party apps. The good news is that the Korean conglomerate's new application called PhoneCast can fix that issue. PhoneCast makes various third-party video services compatible with the VR headset, allowing you to stream videos to its gigantic virtual screen.

Based on the images SamMobile posted, launching PhoneCast takes you to a lakeside picnic area that serves as the screen's background. You'll be able to adjust the video's brightness and the display's size within its interface, as well, so you can customize the picture for your eyes. While it won't make every third-party video and streaming app compatible with the Gear VR, it will work with quite a lengthy list of programs:

  1. Plex
  2. Vudu
  3. Epix
  4. Hulu
  5. Tubi TV
  6. Crackle
  7. YouTube
  8. NFL
  9. Musically
  10. Kodi
  11. Naver TV
  12. V Live
  13. Kakao TV Live
  14. Smart DMB
  15. Africa TV
  16. Naver Webtoon
  17. Oksusu
  18. Olleh TV Mobile
  19. LTE Video Portal
  20. VLC
  21. Xfinity
  22. Sling TV
  23. MX Player

PhoneCast is still in beta, so you won't find it in any app store, but you can download it from SamMobile's APK's store and install it on your device.

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