Request a Lyft inside the Amtrak app when your train arrives

Lyft has been forming a lot of smart partnerships lately.

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Lyft has teamed up with another brand, forming a partnership that totally makes sense. Now, Amtrak riders can request a Lyft directly from the Amtrak app. Lyft said in a statement that rides to and from transit stations are one of its most popular routes and account for a quarter of Chicago ride requests alone. Amtrak travel is available in 46 states and as of now, Lyft is available to 97 percent of Amtrak riders.

This is the most recent brand partnership for Lyft, which just launched its Minnie Vans for guest transport throughout Disney World. The company also recently joined forces with Taco Bell. These brand partnerships are smart moves, building on increasing momentum that has pushed the company past the one million rides per day mark and nudged its growth beyond that of Uber's.

Access to Lyft via Amtrak's app is available starting today. First-timers can use code AMTRAKLYFT for $5 off of their first four rides.

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