Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium will play Netflix in HDR

It joins the LG G6 on the very short list of Netflix HDR-enabled phones.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

In May, Netflix began opening up its HDR streaming feature to smartphones with HDR-capable screens. At the time, only LG G6 users could make use of it, but now those with a Sony Xperia XZ Premium can too. Netflix supports two different standards of HDR for each of the phones -- Dolby Vision for the G6 and UltraHD Premium for the Xperia XZ Premium -- but, regardless, it means both have access to vivid, high-resolution viewing. For those wondering why the feature hasn't rolled out to the popular Samsung Galaxy S8, which also has an HDR-capable screen, it could be that it supports a third HDR format -- Mobile HDR Premium.

To start watching Netflix in HDR on your Xperia XZ Premium, you'll need the latest HDR firmware and a premium subscription. You'll also have to change your video quality streaming settings to "high" and have a connection speed faster than 25mbps.

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