RCA's new Roku TVs are dirt-cheap, if you can live without 4K

The models start at just $250.

RCA is the latest brand to offer a line of Roku TVs and while they aren't 4K, they are super affordable. Three models are included in the line -- 50-inch, 43-inch and 32-inch versions priced at $499, $380 and $250, respectively. The larger two models are 1080p HD while the 32-inch is 720p.

Many recent Roku-incorporated TVs have taken advantage of Roku's 4K capabilities including models from Insignia, TCL and Hisense and while RCA's TVs don't offer that level of image quality, they do have ease of use and small price tags. Each model includes a TV tuner input for access to over-the-air channels and a Live TV Pause feature. And of course, they come with Roku's thousands of apps. RCA's TVs also include a remote with channel shortcut buttons and the ability to stream through Roku's mobile app.

All three models are on sale now in the US and Canada through and as well as a handful of stores like BJ's and ABC Appliances.