Intel's second 10-nanometer chip architecture is Ice Lake

It hasn't launched its first yet.

Intel still hasn't shipped its first 10-nanometer processors, but that isn't stopping it from teasing the next batch. The company's codename page has revealed Ice Lake, a series of chips built on a "10 nm+" (read: iterated 10nm) process. There's virtually nothing else known about it at this point, but AnandTech speculates that this will be the more comprehensive 10nm launch. The initial architecture, Cannon Lake, may be focused on mobile CPUs that are smaller and thus easier to make when chip yields are relatively poor. Ice Lake would come once yields are relatively stable and can handle bigger desktop-class parts.

The timing is unclear. Cannon Lake is slated to arrive sometime in 2018, though, so Ice Lake is more likely to show in either late 2018 or 2019.

It's not surprising that Intel would start dribbling out information. Intel has had to repeatedly push back its processor launches as the scientific realities of ever-smaller processes make upgrades difficult, but Cannon Lake finally appears to be on the horizon. Now, PC makers and investors are likely wondering what comes next. While it was virtually certain that the post-Cannon Lake design would stick to 10nm, this helps frame the discussion going forward.