The Morning After
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The Morning After: Wednesday, August 16th 2017

Blown away.

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Welcome to Wednesday! Virtually creep inside Kendall Jenner's closet, watch a drone chill on the UK's biggest warship and hear about a smart-lock update that bricked said locks. Whoops.

The series was shot with Google's new Jump cameras.
Google's latest Daydream VR series puts you in Kendall Jenner's closet

The latest Google Daydream series will give you a VR look into the closets of supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford. The series is imaginatively called Supermodel Closets and was made in partnership with Vogue and Condé Nast Entertainment. It's one of the first projects to use Google's newest Jump camera -- the Yi Halo -- which allows for 360-degree views and 4K images. Google notes that the cameras were even able to give great images in tight closet spaces, but these closets are larger than most Manhattan apartments.

It touched down and lifted off with nobody batting an eyelash.
A drone landed on Britain's biggest warship and nobody cared

The Pentagon has already approved a policy giving military bases the right to shoot down drones that get too close. A lot of other countries' governments and militaries, however, are still figuring out how to deal with them as they become more common. A photographer operating under the name Black Isle Images, for instance, landed a drone aboard Britain's biggest warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, and nobody seemed to care.

The subscription doesn't include 3D or IMAX screenings, though.
The MoviePass $9.95 'unlimited' deal is one movie a day

Going to the movies isn't cheap and MoviePass wants to fix that. The company has just announced a $9.95 no contract subscription plan that'll grant subscribers access to one movie a day in a theater without blackouts. Previously, users were limited to two movies a month for $15, and in Los Angeles and New York that price bumped to $21. As Variety notes, the deal won't apply to 3D or IMAX screenings, but how it'll actually play out and what any other restrictions might entail aren't clear at the moment.

It promises to virtually eliminate wait times for the basics.
Amazon Instant Pickup service offers you basics in two minutes

Amazon's Prime Now usually does the job if you need something in a hurry, but what if you can't even wait a couple of hours? If you happen to live in the right city, you might now have that quick fix. Amazon has launched an Instant Pickup service that lets Prime subscribers grab food and other essentials (and, logically, Amazon devices) at a staffed pickup location within two minutes of ordering them from the company's mobile app. You probably won't have an urgent need for an Echo, but Prime Now could be helpful if you lost your headphones or want a snack while you're in the area.

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