Fisker’s luxury EV will debut in January at CES 2018

The EMotion reportedly has a battery pack that can charge in just nine minutes.

Legendary car designer Henrik Fisker has announced when we'll finally get to lay eyes on his electric luxury EMotion sedan in person. The car will debut in January at CES 2018. As Fisker told TheStreet, the team behind the vehicle will also introduce some of the tech behind the EMotion, like its battery pack and LIDAR technology for autonomous driving, though that's still in development. The battery can reportedly charge in just nine minutes and the car has a 400 mile range.

Fisker Inc. started taking pre-orders for the EMotion in June, but the car isn't scheduled to ship until 2019. It's priced at $129,000 and the company is said to be working on a more affordable version priced around $34,000 that aims to take on the Tesla Model 3. That model is expected to hit the market sometime in 2020.

In regards to being labeled a "Tesla killer," Fisker told TheStreet, "I don't think anyone is out to kill anybody. Tesla doesn't really have a competitor. It doesn't look like one is going to emerge. I think it's time to move to a next level of this technology and I believe that we have come up with some real breakthroughs."