Facebook's mobile apps now take 360-degree photos

Even better: the feature is rolling out worldwide.

Standalone cameras and apps that can take 360-degree photos and videos are a must if they're essential to your job or if they fit your lifestyle. But if you find yourself taking spherical images merely once in a blue moon, you may not need them at all. Facebook's iOS and Android apps can now capture 360-degree photos without the help of a third-party application or an extra device. All you have to do is launch the app and pick the "360 Photo" option at the top of your News Feed. Press the blue button and follow the path on screen to complete a full spherical image -- you can then choose the photo's starting point.

Just like any picture you take from within the app, you can share your 360 shots directly to your Timeline or upload them to a specific album. Facebook has also added a couple of new features for any spherical shot you upload: you can now zoom in on them and tag your friends. You can now also use them as Cover Photos -- that should've been the case from the start, but this is the first time Facebook has given the Cover Photos feature a refresh.

Facebook says the in-app ability to take 360 Photos and all these other features are rolling out worldwide starting today. You'll get access to them soon enough if they haven't popped up in your app yet.