Turtle Beach starts selling its wireless Xbox headset

A limited batch are available online ahead of their retail release date.

The biggest pain when it comes to wireless Xbox One headsets is that they all require some sort of adapter or base station to connect to your console. Add to that the hefty price tag (most models can cost upwards of $150) and the appeal wears thin. That's why the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 caught our eye earlier this year. The headset is the first to utilize Microsoft's wireless tech to connect directly to its console (dongles and wires begone). What's more, you can also hook it up to the upcoming Xbox One X. And, all for just $99.95. The headset drops today, in limited quantities, in the US via the Turtle Beach website. Retailers will get the model on September 4.

If true wireless capability isn't enough to seal the deal, the Stealth 600 also offer Windows Sonic surround sound, glasses-friendly design, audio presets (including bass boost), and 15-hour battery life. Turtle Beach has been knocking out top-notch headsets for a while now, making it a solid bet. But, it will soon face some stiff competition in the form of LucidSound's LS35X -- the upcoming $180 headset also taps into Microsoft's wireless functionality.

Turtle Beach fans also have the option to pre-order the Stealth 700 for Xbox One (which pack noise cancellation and Bluetooth for $149.95). Both headsets are available to pre-order for PS4 as well, but won't ship till September 4 (in the case of the Stealth 600) and September 24 for the Stealth 700.