Tumblr adds three useful ways to post from your mobile device

Now it's even easier to make your point on the microblogging service.

Tumblr keeps improving its mobile apps, adding to already useful features like photo filters, instant messaging, stickers and GIF posts to keep your interactions fresh and interesting. The microblogging service just announced three new ways to post from the mobile apps, including images in reblog posts, fun new text styles for text posts, and the ability to drag and drop paragraphs and images within blog posts.

Now you can add your own images when you reblog another Tumblr users post, which should help when you want to make a visual comment. If text posts are more your thing, you'll be able to style your post with headers, lists and use serif, fancy cursive and typewriter fonts to get your point across. Instead of cutting and pasting your various elements, now you can just tap and drag them around in the mobile app.