Best Buy plans to send sales consultants to more homes this fall

Good luck comparison shopping with someone looking over your shoulder.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Best Buy, the company that'll sell you overpriced HDMI cables and charge a premium for making basic adjustments to your TV, wants to put its sales people in more houses. The Associated Press reports that the expanded service will be free, and this fall will move beyond the five test cities where it's currently available. The retailer says that in its tests, customers spend more when a sales person comes to their homes versus what they do in stores.

For now, it's being offered at brick and mortar locations where the chain's blue-shirts will suggest things like in-home TV recommendations and smart home consultations. It's something Amazon has tried with its own smart home setup service.

The dark side of this is that people might feel pressured to go with whatever the salesperson is pushing. After all, pulling out your phone to start comparing prices in front of a salesman is akin to swiping through Tinder while your last match sits across the table from you.

However, AP says that the sales people will be salaried or paid hourly, so they might not be as high-pressure as someone making rent exclusively from how much they're able to sell. If you're that keen for having a salesperson come to your house, though, maybe see what your locally-owned TV shop has to offer instead.