Xbox One will soon capture your epic plays in full HD

You'll also be able to save your recordings to an external hard drive.

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Saqib Shah
September 14, 2017 11:39 AM

Along with its other upgrades, the souped-up Xbox One X will come with 4K recording from the get go. Meanwhile, owners of Microsoft's standard console are still dealing with 720p resolution at 30 FPS. Not to mention the added insult of seeing their beloved gaming machine get discontinued. That's enough to make even the most loyal of gamers feel left out. But, there is some good news. The standard Xbox One's Game DVR is getting a bump in resolution to 1080p. Plus, you'll be able to save your recordings directly to an external hard drive. That way, you can save precious storage on your console (which is especially useful if you have the 500GB version). For now, the upgrade is limited to Alpha Insiders. Everyone else can expect to get a taste later this year.

If you happen to be on the upper echelon of the Xbox Insiders program, you'll get 1080p captures by default as soon as you download the update. Additionally, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra confirmed on Twitter that you'll be able to record at the new resolution for up to an hour. That's if you have the storage for it, of course. Previously, external hard drives could only be used to save games and apps, which meant captures would hog up space on your console. The unexpected update is a nice touch that should make regular Xbox One owners feel a bit more wanted.

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