View Strava workout maps in 3D thanks to Apple's ARKit

The Fitness AR app taps new iOS tools and Mapbox to place your activities on a virtual map.

Strava has long been a popular choice for running and cycling enthusiasts to track and share their workouts. The service and app can be found on quite a few devices, including Apple Watch, Garmin fitness trackers and Peloton's stationary bikes for cycling classes. You can now view Strava data in augmented reality (AR), thanks to Fitness AR, an app by Adam Debreczeni and Eric Florenzano that takes your running, cycling and hiking workout data and puts it onto a 3D map that you can view with an iOS device.

The app will pull in your Strava data and place it on a 3D map that you can then "place" in the real world via Apple's ARKit and Mapbox tech. You can then see the route you ran or biked from all angles, moving your iOS device viewer to get a better view of your workout. The app even includes a bunch of featured activities that other folks have completed in locations like the Tour de France's Alpe D'Huez cycling route and various spots in Yosemite Valley. You can also take screenshots and capture video of your AR maps to share with friends.

Update: The article has been updated with the names of the app developers to clarify that it is not an official Strava app.