Instagram's face filters are now available during your livestreams

Add a crown or bunny ears to your head while you stream.

The face filters that Instagram swiped from Snapchat are now available on Instagram Live. Starting today, you can add filters before your Live feed airs or during with options that include various crowns and animal ears as well as pilot getup and and nerd glasses. Also, for the next week, a sunglasses filter will be available only through live video and it allows users to tap on the glasses to change what scenery is reflected off of them.

It was only a matter of time before Instagram worked filters into its live video feature. Facebook Live has had them for some time and Instagram introduced filters for photos and videos earlier this year.

To use the feature, tap the face icon on the bottom right of the screen. Then scroll through the selection and tap whichever filter you want to try on. Face filters for live video start rolling out now and should reach all users over the next few weeks.