Google Home adds reminders to its voice-control repertoire

"Ok Google, remind me to take mom her birthday present next month."

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Rob LeFebvre
September 25th, 2017
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Chris Velazco/AOL
Chris Velazco/AOL

You can already use Google Home to order from Walmart, watch CBS All Access on your TV and hear daily news updates from former-VP Joe Biden. Now, Google has just updated Home with the ability to set reminders with your voice. The company confirmed to Engadget that (English) reminders would start rolling out Monday to the US, UK, Australia and Canada (French is coming soon).

Google Home users can now set one-off and recurring reminders (daily or weekly) and even set reminders for months down the road. Google Assistant also understands context - if you ask it to remind you to walk the dog at 6 while you get ready for bed, for example, it will know to set the reminder to 6 AM. Reminders you set on Google Home will also notify your Android phone, as long as it's running Android M+. In addition, if you have more than one user on Google Home, you'll only hear reminders for you.

Sure, Alexa has had this feature since June, and Apple's Siri has done the same thing for years (though only on your iPhone), but it's good for those who opted for Home instead of one of Google's competitors. You can check out all the details on Google's Home support page, including how to check and update your Android version on your phone, set up multiple Home users, setting and managing reminders and how to deal with reminder notifications on Home or your handset.

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