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DoorDash adds group ordering to its food delivery app

Now all your coworkers can order their own weird food choices.

On-demand food delivery service DoorDash has been adding some cool new features over the years. You can get ice cream and beer delivered right to your door now, which is all kinds of perfect. The company has delivered voter registration kits, too, and has tested robot-powered delivery in select areas. It has also offered group ordering features on its website for a couple of years now, making grabbing takeout with a bunch of picky friends a lot easier. Now the DoorDash app will have the same group feature with its latest update on both iOS and Android.

You can create a group order with any store menu or cart in the app. You can also set a monetary limit for much each person who's ordering (perfect for those company lunch orders) and then send a link to everyone who's going to add to the group order. The order originator and participants will both get delivery status updates — directly via iMessage if you're using iOS.

The company claims that it's the "first and only app to offer mobile group orders," and that it has more than 40,000 menus across more than 450 cities in the US and Canada. The app also lets you set favorite orders to reorder meals from restaurants and schedule your deliveries for when you need them.