8BitDo brings its wireless controllers to the SNES Classic

8BitDo what Nintendon't.

The SNES Classic is a cute microconsole with a hell of a selection of games. While it's a pretty accurate recreation of the original number, and its controller cords are indeed longer than the NES Classic Edition that preceded it, the modern convenience of wireless controllers is hard to beat. The good news is that if you ordered up one of 8BitDo's wireless SNES-styled gamepads and have last year's Retro Receiver, it'll work with the miniature 16-bit console in a pinch. Don't have one? Then the company has something new, just for you -- the SN30, a 2.5G wireless controller built specifically for the SNES Classic Edition.

A spokesperson tells us that the Retro Receiver used with the NES Classic Edition is indeed compatible with its newer counterpart. "We're going to release a firmware update very soon so everybody who already owns those can use them," the company said in an email. "Otherwise the SN30 2.5G is made specifically for the SNES Classic." So if you've just picked up yours from the store, maybe mosey on over to 8BitDo's to add some modern flair to Nintendo's latest nostalgia machine.