There’s a tiny Master Chief etched inside the Xbox One X still can't see his face.

The Xbox One X, Microsoft's mid-generation answer to the PlayStation 4 Pro, is launching next month. The $500 system is a more powerful version of the Xbox One that will "enhance" games up to 4K and 60 frames per second. Other than its beefier specs, we haven't learned much about the new console, but YouTuber unocero got one early and popped it open and found a couple surprises -- namely, a depiction of Halo's Master Chief riding a scorpion that's etched into the system's circuit board.

The engraving is a twofold joke: First, as a nod to the Xbox One X console's working name, Project Scorpio, and second as a reference to Xbox mascot Master Chief, who often drives a battle tank type nicknamed -- you guessed it -- the Scorpion. If you're really attached to the console's old codename, there's even a 1TB Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X available for preorder. The system goes on sale November 7th.