Walmart’s app makes the return process easier

Soon, returning online purchases will take just two steps.

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Walmart is adding another new feature to its app and this one aims to make returning items as painless as possible. Starting soon, when you need to return something, you'll first start the process on the app. Then head to a store, scan a QR code at the Mobile Express Lane, and hand the item to a Walmart associate. The refund will be back in your account in approximately a day.

Earlier this year, Walmart started to roll out two other app features that streamlined trips to the pharmacy and to its in-store money transfer desks. The company also started making its Walmart credit card available to customers via its Walmart Pay app as soon as they're approved for one. And Walmart Pay has been doing pretty well. A study from InfoScout showed that, behind Apple Pay, it's the second most tried and used mobile wallet in the US.

Walmart says that the new return process will be available for purchases beginning next month and in-store purchases in early 2018.

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