Walmart Pay arrives in 14 more states (update)

California, New York and Washington are among those getting the mobile payment system.

When Walmart talked about a wide national release of its mobile payment service before the start of July, it wasn't kidding around. Walmart Pay has launched in 14 more states on top of a slew of rollouts earlier in the month -- it's not quite ubiquitous (we count 33 states plus Washington, DC), but it's close. This latest deployment includes heavily populated states like California, New York and Washington, so you're far more likely to use your Android phone or iPhone to shop at the big-box retail chain.

As a reminder, Walmart Pay isn't strictly a competitor for tap-to-pay options like Android Pay or Apple Pay. It's more intended to streamline the checkout process using QR codes. With that said, it's far too soon to tell how well it works in practice. Walmart's service has only been available for about a month and a half in any state, and there just isn't enough data to know whether or not customers will embrace it in earnest.

Update (7/6): And now Walmart says its mobile payment system is available nationwide, in its more than 4,600 stores across the US. According to senior VR Dennis Eckert this is "just the beginning," as the company makes its app a remote control for a faster, more streamlined shopping experience.