Amazon's Alexa can recognize the voices of multiple users

You'll get personalized messages, Flash briefings and Amazon Music suggestions.

Echo devices keep getting better, getting multi-room audio, access to Google calendars, and intercom features. Now, though, Amazon just matched one of Google Home's killer features: the ability to recognize multiple voices. In a video on the retailer's help site, you can see how to set up and use Voice Profiles. Alexa can now recognize voices in order to route Messages, Calls, allow access to shopping without a confirmation code, play Flash briefings and access an Amazon Music Unlimited Family plan based on the person speaking.

To set up your own voice profile, you'll need to go through the Amazon app. You'll go to your account settings and tap Your Voice, then tap on your profile name. If you want to place calls or send messages to your contacts, you'll have to give the app permission to upload those contacts to the Amazon service, and then you'll need to say several phrases out loud. (If you're already set up voice calls and messages, you won't need to do this again.) If you want to add other people to the same device, you'll need to have them sign into their own account via their own Alexa app, or they can choose the "I'm someone else" option on your mobile Alexa app, then train their voice on the device in the same way.

Ultimately, this makes having Amazon smart speakers in homes with more than one person just that much more useful. Amazon confirmed that the update is rolling out to the Alexa app today.