Chat app Discord opens official game channels

Think of Verified Servers like a real-time official message board.

Gaming-focused chat app Discord is partnering with developers on official chat channels. Verified Servers are places where a game's community can hang out, talk and get news straight from the teams that made the games. Think of them like official forums, but with real-time communication versus asynchronous. Just look for the checkmark badge next to a server profile and you should be good to go. Developers can even add Discord badges to their website's social links and directly to their game's main menu. As Polygon notes, so far Minecraft, Offworld, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Supercell have set up shop.

The tricky thing is that if a team isn't careful, this could provide another platform for abuse. It's up to a developer or publisher to keep the channel moderated and cut this sort of thing off before it has a chance to root. Given that most official forums are fairly monitored this hopefully won't be a huge problem.