Amazon’s Kindle app overhaul delivers easy reading and socializing

Android users will have to wait for better Goodreads support, though.

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The Kindle app has gotten quite a bit less attention that Amazon's namesake devices, but today the shopping juggernaut made some big changes. For starters, there's a new light theme that gives "pages" a bit of a parchment look with some ornate flourishes around the borders. The UI has been refreshed overall, with a keen focus on making it easier to access your stuff. Specifically, the search bar is everywhere in the app.

Oh, and if you're using the app on iOS, you'll have some pretty deep access to social reading site Goodreads in a new Community tab. You know, in case you want to let everyone know how good (or terrible) the last book you read was. Amazon promises that expanded Android Goodreads support is coming in the future.

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