Microsoft opens a studio for mixed reality

The Mixed Reality Academy will also train people in content creation.

Microsoft has really been hammering home its commitment to mixed reality lately, debuting its headsets earlier this month and holding an entire event dedicated to the concept. Now, and in time for the holidays, the company has launched the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco, home to its Mixed Reality Capture Studios and Mixed Reality Academy. Here, creative agencies and application developers will be able to invent and create a huge range of mixed reality content, drawing on the thousands of performances the studio has captured over the course of seven years.

Musicians, athletes, actors and even animals have helped Microsoft develop the format (including the likes of Buzz Aldrin and George Takei), creating content that can be used for mixed reality experiences ranging from fully-immersive VR down to plain old 2D screens. The Mixed Reality Academy will offer a range of courses, workshops and, naturally, hackathons, although a focus on supporting those already in the creative industry means it'll be a while before you'll be able to have a play.