Xbox One consoles could support premium wireless speakers

Xbox is joining the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association.

Xbox is jumping aboard the WISA train. Microsoft's console is the first gaming brand to become a member of the trade group known as the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association. That makes it the odd one out among audio and electronics manufacturers like Bang & Olufsen, Gibson, Harman/Kardon, and LG. By signing up, Xbox will be able to partner with its WISA cohorts to provide support for more high-end wireless hardware.

In case you've never bought a premium wireless speaker system, WISA offers a 7.1 channel audio standard that operates in the "relatively unused" 5.2-5.8 GHz radio frequency spectrum. Plus, you get the advantage of a one-touch setup of what is essentially an audio WiFi network, only with better sound quality than, say, Bluetooth. But, WISA-certified products don't come cheap.

With the release of the top-of-the-range Xbox One X on the horizon, the move couldn't come at a better time. What could make the 4K gaming experience even more immersive? How about a set of wireless, surround sound speakers?