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Xbox One consoles could support premium wireless speakers

Xbox is joining the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association.
Edgar Alvarez / Engadget
Edgar Alvarez / Engadget
Saqib Shah
Saqib Shah|@eightiethmnt|October 25, 2017 9:02 AM

Xbox is jumping aboard the WISA train. Microsoft's console is the first gaming brand to become a member of the trade group known as the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association. That makes it the odd one out among audio and electronics manufacturers like Bang & Olufsen, Gibson, Harman/Kardon, and LG. By signing up, Xbox will be able to partner with its WISA cohorts to provide support for more high-end wireless hardware.

In case you've never bought a premium wireless speaker system, WISA offers a 7.1 channel audio standard that operates in the "relatively unused" 5.2-5.8 GHz radio frequency spectrum. Plus, you get the advantage of a one-touch setup of what is essentially an audio WiFi network, only with better sound quality than, say, Bluetooth. But, WISA-certified products don't come cheap.

With the release of the top-of-the-range Xbox One X on the horizon, the move couldn't come at a better time. What could make the 4K gaming experience even more immersive? How about a set of wireless, surround sound speakers?