Alexa can control all the Dish TVs in your home

Take charge of the sets beyond the living room.

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Dish has been cozying up with Amazon of late. The Pay TV provider already offers an Echo Dot to new customers, which lets you control its Hopper DVR or Wally with your voice. And, now you can do the same with all the Joey-enabled TVs in your home as well. As long as you have one of Amazon's smart speakers in earshot, you'll be able to bark orders at your extra television sets, which is great for when you want to pause and resume the action between rooms. And, if you seek to rule the TV in the kid's bedroom.

Dish's latest Hopper supports up to six Joeys, and older models work with up to three. That's enough for all the family, so you can avoid the shouting matches that come with communal viewing. Despite Amazon opening up voice support to TV and streaming services, Dish is thus far the only US company to take advantage of it.

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