Apple invents the leather laptop sleeve

Clad your 12-inch MacBook in Apple-stamped leather for $149/£149.

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Apple's made iPhone cases and Apple's made accessories to keep iPads cosy, but until today Apple's never made a laptop sleeve. Apple stores IRL and online have ranged third-party products, but when the floodgates to iPhone X pre-orders opened this morning, the new "Leather Sleeve for 12-inch MacBook" also quietly appeared on the company's site. Available in classic "Saddle Brown" or edgy "Midnight Blue," it features an etched Apple logo so everyone knows, yes, that is a MacBook you're carrying under your arm. It's a bit on the pricey side at $149/£149 and it doesn't give your laptop any additional, desperately needed ports. But hey, it's the best MacBook sleeve Apple's ever made.

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