Tesla Model 3 in-depth video review answers all your questions

The 70-minute clip offers an exhaustive breakdown of the EV.

There's no shortage of Tesla Model 3 clips out there, but a detailed video review has been sorely missing -- until now, that is. The arrival of a brand-spanking new vid from the folks at the Model 3 Owners Club should tackle any lingering questions you may have about the car. The 70-minute clip is especially useful for anyone mulling a buy or (patiently) waiting for their purchase to arrive.

Tune in to get all the details on things like the rain-sensing sensors, the charge port, the trunk size, and underside details. Plus, there's the straightforward -- yet notable -- things you probably thought about, but weren't sure who to ask (like finding the tow hook, and unlocking the car). Last, but not least, you get to witness the all-important test drive. And if you just want to hone in on one specific section, simply select "show more" and choose a timestamp. Still not satisfied? Check out our first impressions of the car that could very well bring EVs into the mainstream.