OnePlus confirms the 5T will keep the headphone jack

Oh, and it confirmed the 5T is real.

While the headphone jack on smartphones isn't an endangered species just yet, it's clearly falling out of favor -- and that's bound to make you nervous if you don't want to live the dongle lifestyle. You won't have that problem with the OnePlus 5T, at least. OnePlus has not only confirmed that the 5T is coming, but is boasting that its upcoming handset will keep the 3.5mm port that so many hold dear. It cites both usage habits (almost 80 percent of OnePlus users rely on 3.5mm headphones) and its own analysis. It didn't see much benefit from asking people to plug in to the USB-C port, so why remove it?

This is undoubtedly a publicity grab. And of course, phone manufacturers have a habit of celebrating legacy features only to pull them later. Remember how Google touted the original Pixel phone line's headphone jacks, only to take them away for the Pixel 2? Although OnePlus' reputation is built on responding to customer input, we wouldn't interpret this as a promise that the headphone jack will stick around forever. Just take comfort in knowing that you won't have to forego that familiar plug to get a modern Android smartphone... at least, not for a while.