PSVR's latest demo disc is a free download on the PlayStation Store

No need to buy one of the new bundles to get access to the samples.


If your PlayStation VR has been collecting dust for awhile, Sony might have a few reasons for you to jack back in. Starting today, the contents of the demo disc that comes with new PSVR bundles are up for grabs on the PlayStation Store for free. Headlining the offerings are samples of the mousey Zelda-esque adventure Moss, horror offering The Persistence and Star Child, the 2.5D side-scroller from Playful. None of those are out until next year, so if you want to try something brand new, those are good places to start.

The rest of the demos are games that have come out in the past year, but you might've missed. Like Job Simulator, Thumper, Fantastic Contraption and Starblood Arena. Unfortunately, Crytek's excellent prehistoric adventure Robinson: The Journey isn't available here, but the cartoony Dino Frontier is. The full list is below.

  • BattleZone

  • Dino Frontier

  • EVE: Valkyrie

  • Fantastic Contraption

  • Job Simulator

  • Moss

  • Raw Data

  • Rez Infinite

  • Starblood Arena

  • Star Child

  • The Persistence

  • Thumper

  • Tiny Trax