Contemplate life in 'Far From Noise' on PS4 November 14th

It’s a dialogue-driven game that takes place on the edge of a cliff.

Next week sees the arrival of Far From Noise, a narrative game for PS4. The game takes place over a single day and night and during that time, your character is trapped in a car balancing on the edge of a cliff. As you rock back and forth over the edge, you'll have conversations -- with yourself and with a companion that approaches your car. You can discuss all sorts of things including why you ended up where you are, where the stranger is from, nature, life and death.

As George Batchelor, the game's creator, writes in a blog post, the gameplay lies in choosing the dialogue. "The journey you take is shaped by what you choose to talk about. It's a naturally flowing conversation that goes in all directions. There are different ways your story can end," he writes. "Creatures may come to join your sunset observation. Not always the same faces, every time you play things can change. The forces of nature happen around you. Life continues, while you balance back and forth."

The game will be released on November 14th and you can check out the trailer below.