MoviePass offers an even bigger discount if you pay for a year upfront

You can see one movie per day for just $7 per month.

MoviePass is dropping its price point yet again. In August, the company reduced its subscription cost to just $10 per month -- down from $15 to $21 depending on where you lived -- and upped the amount of movies its subscribers could see from two per month to one per day. Now, if you're willing to pay for the whole year up front, you can snag the no contract, subscription for $7 per month.

When the company dropped its prices in August, it had so many new customers flocking to sign up that it struggled to mail out the subscription cards in a timely manner. It had to hire a slew of additional people in order to keep up. But that consumer popularity doesn't necessarily reflect how theaters execs feel about the service. AMC said earlier this year that it was looking into how it could block the use of MoviePass subscriptions at its theaters even though the service pays theaters full price for movie tickets.

The new pricing plan is only around for a limited time, though the company doesn't say what that timeframe is. Including the processing fee, the one-time payment for a full year of movie going is $90.