Amazon Echo is the latest device to benefit (RED)

Alexa, donate money to a good cause.

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Want to get a smart speaker while contributing to an important cause? Amazon has you covered: it just unveiled a Product (RED) version of its second-generation Echo. As you might expect, buying the crimson-hued device will contribute 10 percent (in this case, $10) of its purchase price to fighting AIDS through the Global Fund. It happens to be considerably more eye-catching, too, which might help if you'd rather have your speaker stand out than blend into the decor.

You can pre-order the (RED) Echo right now in the US, with a formal release slated for December 6th. This isn't as far-ranging as Apple's (RED) efforts, which have included iPhones and currently range from low-cost cases and watch bands to pricey items like headphones. However, the potential is huge -- Amazon is pitching this with one of its latest and most popular products.

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