Apple's YouTube videos can help with dad's inane iOS questions


gpointstudio via Getty Images

If spending a Saturday morning at an Apple store with a family member is your idea of Hell, then playing tech support for your relatives while you're home for the holidays is probably a lengthy stretch of the road to perdition. Well, Apple Support remembered YouTube exists and has uploaded a series of videos answering simple questions like how to send and save GIFs on an iPhone, how to update iOS, change the wallpaper and how to mute or leave a group conversation, among others.

It's all pretty basic stuff, sure, but if you bookmark the page in your browser it'll save you from explaining it yourself. And really, wouldn't you rather save that breath for something that really matters, like asking for seconds of candied yams? Or talking politics with your uncle? What's conspicuously absent is a how-to on dealing with one of the buggiest versions of iOS in recent memory.