Samsung made an app that adjusts its TVs for color blindness

It identifies the perfect display settings based on your vision.

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Samsung has launched an app that makes watching TV a more vibrant experience for people with color vision deficiency (CVD) -- the inability to distinguish certain shades of color (also known as color blindness). Through the SeeColors app, users can test their visual color spectrum, and based on their unique diagnosis their QLED TV will adjust settings to give a more accurate color display (something a number of video games have been working on for a while, too).

The app has been developed in partnership with the department of mechatronics, optics and mechanical engineering informatics at the Budapest University of Technology, and uses color filters and mathematical modelling to diagnose levels of CVD. Some 300 million people around the world have CVD, but according to Samsung the majority are unaware of their condition, so the app could make TV-viewing a richer experience for those who've been watching just fine for years. Or it could just be a novel app to test out when there's nothing else on. It's available from the Smart TV App store, Google Play and the Galaxy App Store for Galaxy Smartphones S6 and newer.

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