YouTube’s Community social feature set to expand to more creators

It launched last year as a very limited rollout.


Last year, YouTube launched its Community tab -- a social feature that lets creators engage with their followers through text, video, photos and more. At launch, YouTube had extended the feature to just a few creators, and the rollout has been slow ever since. But the response has been pretty positive and YouTube said it planned to add more channels following the launch. Well, today, Golden State Warrior and big Community tab fan Kevin Durant tweeted that he had heard the feature would open up to more creators quite soon. And YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan all but confirmed that is indeed the case.

It's unclear as of now how big the rollout will be, but it seems like we can expect an official announcement from YouTube sometime soon. Naturally, Durant posted the news on his YouTube Community page, which you can check out here.

Update, 11/29/17, 11:15AM ET: As expected, YouTube today announced that its Community feature is available to anyone who has a channel with more than 10,000 subscribers. That'll still limit Community features to fairly serious YouTube users, but any of those users are now able to give Community a shot.