Toyota's upgraded safety system detects pedestrians at night

The company's SafetySense tech is getting a makeover in 2018.

Toyota is among the swarm of automakers promising a safer driving future in the shape of autonomous vehicles. But, seeing as we're still stuck in the present, it's adding another notch to its safety advancement belt with its next-gen SafetySense (TSS) tech for regular cars. The upgraded suite -- a mix of tweaks to existing safety systems and brand-spanking new functions -- will roll out on "select vehicles" in mid-2018. Toyota is not explicitly stating the models that will get it first. But, if its near-standard automatic braking is anything to go by, the tech should spread rapidly.

Among the enhancements is the pre-collision system's ability to detect pedestrians at night and cyclists during the day -- and slow down faster. The lane departure alert will also get improved road edge detection to assist you in keeping to your lane. And, adaptive cruise control is adding full-speed functionality and enhanced recognition.

Meanwhile, the new stuff will include road sign assist (displaying road sign info on the dashboard or head-up display). Plus, there's a second lane-keep system that pairs up with adaptive cruise control to offer steering support. Like the current-gen TSS, its successor will come as standard and not as a costly add-on.