Cinemark launches a monthly movie program to rival MoviePass

For $9 per month, you get... one ticket.

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gilaxia via Getty Images
gilaxia via Getty Images

MoviePass, the $10-per-month movie theater subscription service, was so unexpectedly popular when it launched last August that the company struggled to meet demand. Its success hasn't gone unnoticed, especially by the competition. Theater chain Cinemark is creating its own service, Movie Club, but with far less generous perks. For a $9 monthly subscription, it grants a single ticket (instead of one every day) but also gives 20 percent off concessions and cheaper bulk ticket rates.

In short, it's a compromise coming from within the movie theater establishment. Movie Club's lone included ticket is only for 2D films (like MoviePass), the concession discount can be shared with friends and subscribers can buy additional tickets for a discounted $9 each. If you don't see a film one month, that credit rolls over to the next. Plus, online buying fees are waived. And like MoviePass, there's no contract, so you can cancel any time.

You'll still be limited to Cinemark's 350 theaters, while MoviePass boasts over 4,000 participating cinemas. But if you're an industry loyalist or just want to build up sweet loyalty points, Movie Club could be for you.

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