Pinterest makes it easy to share pins on Facebook Messenger

You can now browse Pinterest within the Messenger app.

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Has it been while since you've chatted with a Messenger bot? If you use Pinterest religiously, you might be tempted pick up the habit again. The visual discovery social network has launched a Messenger bot and a chat extension that make it easier to share pins with friends. With the chat extension, you'll be able to share pins from Pinterest within the Messenger app itself. And if you receive a pin from your friend, you'll be able to expand that pin to show the full image and browse related pins without even leaving the chat application. Pinterest says it built the extension to load fast, since it expects people to use it on the go.

The bot, on the other hand, helps you discover new pins when you ask for recommendations. Simply get the ball rolling by typing "Get Started" and choose from the available topics like "Trending," "Food," "Home" and "DIY" or search for particular terms if you're looking for something more specific. The beauty of it is that you can share the pins you discover through the bot using the chat extension. You'll be able to access Pinterest's chat extension over the coming days if you're using the English language version of Pinterest's app on Android or iPhone. The bot will be available to everyone, both on mobile and the web.

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