OKCupid hopes interest searches will replace swipes in dating apps

It's launching a feature that helps you find people with similar tastes.

The yes-or-no swipe is the de facto way to find matches in dating apps these days, but it has its limits. Do you really want to sift through dozens of people just to find the one or two that share your interests? Even those sites that do offer search tend to focus just on basics like age or relationship goals. OKCupid, at least, thinks it can do better. It's launching a Discovery feature that lets you search for people who share similar interests. If you want to find a fellow geek or won't date someone unless they share your fondness for macramé, you can cut to the chase and find only the matches you care about.

The feature should be available on the desktop web right now and within OKCupid's iOS app. The Android version should come soon after. Also, don't be surprised if this spreads to other dating services as well. Remember, OKCupid's parent company Match Group also owns Tinder, Plenty of Fish and If these interest searches succeed, swiping could eventually seem old-fashioned.