Atari's Speakerhat, a hat with speakers, is now on sale

In case you absolutely need audio hanging over your head.

Yes, Atari's speaker-equipped hats are very much real. At the last possible minute, the game brand has started selling the Speakerhat to the masses. Pay $130 or more ($100 until January 2nd) and you too can get a cap with Bluetooth stereo speakers that put your phone's sound inches in front of your forehead. The standard models include a conventional Fuji Blackout cap as well as blue and black snapbacks, while limited edition hats commemorate Pong (above) and the nod to Atari in Blade Runner 2049.

To say this is a novelty would be an understatement. You have to really, truly like the idea of having speakers on your noggin, or at least have enough nostalgia for Atari's early days to drop $100-plus on headgear. However, there's no question that you'll stand out if you splurge on a Speakerhat, especially when you start cranking the beats. Just don't use this as an excuse to blare music at every given opportunity -- a hat with speakers is a privilege.